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EarnIt! App Review
Earnit is a task management application for parents and their children. Tasks can be assigned to children and rewards can be received when the tasks have been completed. A complete task management system including notification, task schedules, task approval, messaging, goal setting, screen time limits and so much more. 

The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and is free to download. The application is free from in-app adverts and in-app purchases. However, the free edition may have some application restrictions as a paid version grants full access. 

Teacher Review for Educational Apps.

Earn it offers an array of parental tools at your fingertips to encourage children to complete tasks and teach them the value of responsibility. The app is initially very easy to set up and requires an account to link to other devices. Devices are paired using a simple QR code that responds to either the device of the parent of the child. Once the device is paired tasks can be added easily by completing the task fields that include assigned child, task, date, rewards, task details and even the option to add a photo as evidence when they have achieved the task! The application initially includes instructional overlays within the app to help the user navigate and understand the features and icons. We found this very useful.

Once the child has received the task and completed it they can add comments attach a photo if requested, then submit for approval. Parents can either accept or decline the task completed and reward accordingly. The reward is instant and the child can see how much they have been rewarded. The task is also accompanied by a smart task icon for instant identification.

Goals can also be set within the application for children to aspire to. This could be anything from saving for a new pencil case to saving for a holiday. The communication and response between devices are flawless and very intuitive.

The parent dashboard also offers several other features these include: Account details, the ability to add multiple children, a user guide, contact details to the developer and many more. The ability to change to currency of the application whether you are rewarding in British pounds or US Dollars is a welcomed feature.

What we love about the Earnit app
We loved the initial application set up as this was very easy to do. Applications like this can often be confusing by the user interface is very straight forward. The added feature of adding a photograph once a task has been completed is delightful. There is no getting away with telling parents a task is done and it hasn’t. The feature that enables the parent to block apps and restrict screen time is also an excellent addition along with the Geofencing feature which could be lifesaving.

What skills does it improve?
From a child’s perspective, this application will give them a better understanding of responsibility and certainly improve their organization as well as their tech skills. The application also encourages short- and long-term goal setting giving the child motivation and something to aspire to.

Is Earnit app easy to use?
Although the graphical layout is fairly basic the application has a good user interface and is very intuitive. The in-app instructions and website support certainly will help.

How will parents benefit?
As a parent, the application enables tasks to be monitored and distributed amongst multiple children. It also provides an insight into screen and app time as well as providing peace of mind when using the geofencing feature, great for multiple children.

How will the user benefit?
The application encourages short- and long-term goal setting giving the child motivation and something to aspire to. The user will feel organized, motivated and feel that they are making a real contribution to the household or their personal goals. The calendar provides a great visual reminder of the tasks at hand.

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