Should You Limit Your Younger Children’s Screen Time

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Did you know that kids’ screen time extends to 7 hours per day on average? That too, for non-educational purposes? Yes, you read that right. Although this number varies depending on age group, it’s obvious that it’s too much to spend on screen. It might adversely affect the child’s sleep cycle and lead to other problems. 

But do you know that screen time can be used in a good way? For instance, chores app is effectively used by parents to make their kids responsible in terms of helping out with household chores. Now the question is should parents limit their younger children’s screen time altogether or give it the right direction of use? Let’s find out. 

Age-Appropriate Screen Time Guidelines 

The harsh repercussions of excessive screen time can be dealt with by limiting its use. Although the perks and shortcomings are as clear as day, the following are the guidelines experts have agreed on presently. 

  • 0 to 18 months

For kids between the age group of 0 to 18 months, the maximum screen time exposure should be nothing more than video chatting. For instance, caregivers or relatives may be allowed to video chat with the kids. And that’s it. 

  • 18 to 24 months

Experts recommend that screen time for 18 to 24 months old kids should be confined only to educational programming. Further studies have revealed that interacting with kids while they’re watching something on the device is better than simply putting a show on in front of them. 

  • 2 to 5 years 

Kids falling in this age group should be introduced to the best chore app, and their screen time for non-educational purposes should be set to a maximum of one hour on weekdays and three hours on weekends. 

  • 6+years 

This category represents school-age kids who are to be taught to develop healthy screen time habits. It can include eliminating screens from bedrooms, switching off screens during outings, etc. 

Screen Addiction Risk 

The adverse effects of screen addiction aren’t confined to kids. It’s also applicable to teens and adults as well. Excessive screen time can affect a child’s brain, interpersonal relationships, and mental & physical well-being. Evidently, higher screen time implies less physical activity and sleep. 

However, fortunately, this effect can be addressed. Parents are now slowly inculcating the use of apps for chores to diver the purpose of screen time. In case the child’s stubborn, parents have control to block out apps on the child’s screen. Isn’t it amazing? 

However, before that, parents should be aware of the potential signs of screen time. They are:

  • Emotional withdrawal signs when the kid cannot use the screen. 
  • The slow reduction of outdoor activities due to heavy screen use. 
  • Higher symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other mental health situations. 
  • Trouble in cutting down screen time 
  • Physical adversities such as eye, hand, back, and neck aches. 

How MY EARN IT Can Help? 

MY EARN IT is one of the best free chores app for kids aged 6 to 12+ years. Using My Earn It is the most effective way to keep your children motivated to complete offline tasks as well. It perfectly balances out the screen time of children. 

Parents can begin by downloading the My Earn It App and draft a list of chores that their kids are supposed to complete. For instance, reading time, personal hygiene, homework, walking the dog, putting away laundry, etc. Upon the completion of the assigned chores, parents can approve the tasks and release their allowances. 

Surprisingly, 90% of tasks that parents assign through this app are completed by the students. How? Well, the simple motivation behind it is the exciting allowance.

Screen Time Isn’t Always Bad 

While it’s extremely important to give your best in reducing your child’s screen time, it doesn’t mean you should completely eliminate it from their lives. You can ponder upon the type of screen time that’s good for your child and set aside a time when your kids can do that. 

Indulging in age-appropriate games on the phone can be beneficial. It might contribute in 360-degree brain development. However, at the same time, unsupervised screen time is too risky. 

Key Takeaway 

Modern parents encourage screen time in children to unburden themselves from the hassle of managing a fussy child. While it may provide instant relief, in the longer run, it turns into much more disastrous. Disciplining a child is quite important, and that’s what chores app bring to the table. As responsible parents, you can use this app to inculcate healthy activities in your child and keep their screen times under check. 

My Earn It is the best chore app out there for kids, teens, as well as adults. This app will come to your aid in restricting the screen time of your younger ones. If you notice that your child is being stubborn and not completing the assigned chores on time, this app has a feature that allows you to block apps from your child’s device. There are multiple other interesting features like this for you. Do you want to know more? Well, then reach out to us at

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