What’s The Ideal Chore Chart For 2-Year-Old & 3-Year-Old Kids

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If you’re hesitant to ask your toddler to help out with household chores due to the parent’s guilt, that’s not the ideal way to raise a kid. Children are ready to pitch in the moment they walk by themselves. Distributing a few tasks to your younger one is good for them as well as you. You can start by organizing a chore list using a chore tracker app

Doing chores regularly will teach the kids responsibility. And more than that, it will enhance their sense of confidence and mastery. They’ll identify themselves as helpful individuals and a part of the team. So, in this guide, we’ve prepared a list of age-appropriate chores for kids 2 to 3 years old. 

Brief of a chore chart 

In layman’s language, a chore chart consists of all the tasks listed in an organized manner. It’s for your toddler to do and then check off one by one. However, the chore chart is way more than that. It acts as a visual reminder of what to expect so that your toddler learns to get it done on their own. 

Additionally, it can function as a rewards chart, allowing you and your cutie to monitor her progress and reward your tot for completing her chores. You can use index cards, a piece of standard printer paper, a dry-erase or chalkboard, a laminated piece of paper that can be removed, a poster board or construction paper, whatever suits your needs.

Additionally, the early days of a child are the ideal age to begin. According to a study, two and three-year-olds are predisposed to be helpful, so helping others comes easily to them. Take advantage of this by involving your youngster in your chores app for kids while you do your tasks. And incorporate it into your daily routines, like cleaning up before dinner. 

Is It Appropriate For Preschoolers And Toddlers? 

You could believe that school-going children are better suited for chore charts, who are versed with letters and words. Not so! Because chore charts are a way for parents and other adults to positively reinforce their children, toddlers, and preschoolers. Additionally, kids this age naturally enjoy learning and helping. Little ones might feel more independent by using chore charts. 

Following are the tips you should keep in mind to draft a super interesting age-appropriate chore chart. The chore chart for a 2-year-old should consist of the following tasks:

  • Put on pants
  • Clean the toys 
  • Put on shirts 
  • Put the plate & bowl into the sink after eating 
  • Help out with placing groceries 
  • Put the dirty clothes into the laundry 

On the contrary, the chore list in kids chores app, a slightly older 3-year-old toddler should look somewhat like this:

  • Wipe up the sills 
  • Feed the pets
  • Get dressed
  • Clean the toys
  • Sort the clean laundry 
  • Make the bed 
  • Set and clean the table 

Tips While Drafting A Chores Chart 

When you go about drafting a regular or occasional chore chart, the following are the tips you should keep in mind. They are: 

  • Specific instructions: Since you’re drafting the chore list for toddlers, you got to be very particular about what you say. Instead of vaguely writing, “Clean your room,” bend your words to look something like this “Put the clothes inside the closet, dishes inside the sink, books on the shelf, and toys in their place.” 
  • Ease out: Initially, walk them through the task step by step. Allow your child to assist you after that. Then, while you watch, let your child complete the task. Your child is prepared to go alone once they have mastered it.
  • Set easy reminders & deadlines: If you want your toddler to complete the tasks without you having to micromanage them, then set a gentle reminder for them through the chore app for teens and kids. 


Your children are capable of doing a lot of things than you can imagine. Their involvement in household chores will teach responsibility. Plus, the allowances that they get after completing a task will introduce them to money management. Never hesitate to assign tasks to preschoolers and toddlers. If they can master a video game, they can surely manage washing a few dishes under the water. 

My EARN It app is the ideal chore tracker app designed to connect parents and kids on a single platform. Starting from assigning tasks to setting deadlines, approving tasks, and releasing allowances upon their completion, you can do everything here. Plus, it allows parents to keep track of their kids by tracking live locations, and geolocation. If you want to know more, check us out by clicking on this link https://www.myearnitapp.com/

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