Chores Made Easy

Chores made easy. That’s a great idea!! My EarnIt App and Beeam bring chores and family, together at the dinner table. Kids want to be responsible; they want to have a purpose and independence, but somehow us parents made it ok for them to forget those very same values we were raised with. If there were a way to create a craving in your child to do their chores, wouldn’t you want to experience that for yourself? With EarnIt and Beeam, kids and parents alike can create chores, goals, and rewards. Kids love creating their own rewards and tasks to achieve those rewards. It’s like a snowball that starts out as an awkward shy kid that gets nudged down the mountain. One cycle at a time getting bigger, stronger, and gaining momentum to make smart choices, and take care of themselves because they’ve learned just how great that feels. We’re not saying our apps are magic, but from day one the goal has been the same. Help families work together. Help kids find energy in being responsible and taking control in productive ways. They need it… The world is really complicated these days and there’s nothing more precious than raising kids and having a young family. Kids are growing up in a time and space that we have yet to truly understand but one thing is certain, technology has a grip on every generation these days so we should learn to embrace, and how best to use it.

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