Have you ever had one of those “questionable” decisions as parent?

Of course you have 🙂

Once when the girls were little, maybe 2 and 6, they were being their sweet rowdy selves sometime between dinner and bed time. This was always my time which was great because we got to play things like “dragon’s lair” where I would turn the couches into one another and make “the pit.” The house was setup perfectly for playing chase. Staircase in the center and just big enough for a 2 and 6 year old little girl to get a full head of steam before rounding each corner only to find “the dragon” waiting to snatch them up. Those panic belly laugh-screams made life a dream come true. I’d catch one of them and throw’m in the pit and then pretend not to see them crawl out as I’d go find the other one. I didn’t need a gym membership and they generally slept pretty well after 50 laps around the house.

Anyway, one particular night the girls were rowdy for likely no fault of their own, but in my brilliance I told them if they didn’t calm down I was going to shoot the Easter Bunny. That had mixed results. None of them good. One crying, the other mad at me because the other was crying, and neither of them at all amused by their dad holding back a laugh.

I doubt either of them remember that night and of course it wasn’t a “bad” parenting decision, but the holidays take me back to a different time and place and I often reflect on some of the decisions I made as a younger father. Some simple, and some more complicated but I know I’d live it all again if I could!

We have a new release headed to both stores next week. A couple really cool features like multiple approvals for submitted chores, and multiple delete for upcoming tasks.

Happy Easter 🙂

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