EarnIt! Is Expecting a Sibling!

You read that right! We’ releasing a brand new app under a new name that’s specifically designed for kids who respond better to immediate gratification. The app follows the “Token/Reward” system that’s part of the existing app but in a thin streamlined app for quick and easy task management and tracking. Kids can complete their tasks as often as they like and “bank” credits and redeem them toward their Rewards (with parent approval) the same way tasks are approved EarnIt! The app was developed with feature suggestions from parents of both neurotypical, and neurodiverse kids as well as a suggestion from Educational App Store who gave EarnIt 5 stars in the best chores app and said “you should create this app for kiddos on the spectrum.” Well, when we had parents reach out with the same suggestion, and more importantly the willingness to help us understand what was needed from a feature perspective, it was our pleasure to develop a new app with this focus as the primary goal.

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