Adding Tasks

From any screen select the float menu and choose either “Quick Task” or “Add Task”

    1. Enter the Title, confirm the child the chore will be assigned to, and specify whether Goal, Tokens, or Currency is credited when the task is completed. Quick Tasks do not have options for start date, recurring, and apps controls. These tasks are meant to be fluid and be a single instance (Quick Task) or always active for tokens so your kiddo can perform the task as often as they want to build their Token Bank.
    2. Select an optional icon, whether to require a photo for approval
    3. Select whether to lock apps if a chore becomes over due
    4. When creating a chore you can assign to any child in your family
    5. Choose whether the tasks should repeat daily, weekly, or monthly

  1. Goals and Currency – Tasks that earn toward Goals and Currency can include a start date, repeat, and require photos. Parents can also choose to control apps to block access to certain apps if the task is overdue. This feature is only available if your child is using an Android device. WIth regards to Currency, think of them like a piggy bank since it applies to the type of currency parents select during setup. This is the best way to setup chores for weekly allowances.
  2. Quick Tasks – These tasks are “one and done” with no start or due date.
  3. Tokens – Your child can earn tokens and redeem them for rewards.Both kids and parents alike are able to create rewards. Tasks that earn tokens are always available. This allows your kiddo to complete the task over and over and bank their tokens to redeem toward their rewards. The consistent gratification is a great way to motivate kids!

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